Tameka Raymond Explains Why She Almost Quit Reality Show ‘Atlanta Exes’

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Tameka Raymond, once married to Usher Raymond, is slowly but surely coming out of her ex hubby’s shadow. The designer is entering new territory as a new cast member of VH1’s Atlanta Exes. In an interview with Madame Noire, Tameka talks about the upcoming show, rumors that she quit during the middle of the season and Usher’s reaction to her new gig.

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On her reaction to being asked to join “Atlanta Exes”

Initially I said no. I was asked to do ‘Hollywood Exes’ but because I don’t live in LA anymore, I didn’t want to put on a façade that I lived in Los Angeles when I don’t so [producers] asked me if they were to bring it to Atlanta would I be a part of it and I agreed.

On how her experience was filming: 

It went well. Of course we had moments where it was trying. You’re dealing with women and different personalities so you’re going to have your occasional spat here and there, but that’s how it is in life. You’re not going to hang out with a couple of girls for months on end and not have disagreements. That’s not even realistic.

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If there was any truth to rumors that she quit the show

I definitely contemplated quitting the show. I never did quit, but I did think about it. I got mad and at the end of the day I don’t want to be involved with asinine or petty arguments, he say-she say, and that kind of stuff. If it seems like we’re having debates over foolishness or something seems silly I try to run from it.

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If she’s nervous about how audiences might perceive her based on the show:

I’m more nervous about how I’ve heard editing can go. You can make a face in one scene and it be applied to something totally different. You can be injected into a scene that you weren’t even at so I am nervous about the editing process, but I do trust out producers from what they told us the show is supposed to be about. I’m hopeful it will go as planned.


How Usher feels about her participating in the show:

He’s supportive. He didn’t say anything negative about it. He didn’t say anything that I know of. He didn’t say that he didn’t want me to do it – not that he could – but I’d like to think he’s supportive of it.

How her relationship with Usher is now:

We’re fine.

Visit Madame Noire for the full interview.

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