[Interview] Exclusive: Floyd Mayweather Talks Rumored Girlfriend Bad Medina: She’s Ambitious, Strong & Loyal

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Floyd Mayweather is a character. The self-titled TBE—The Best Ever—is arguably one of the most animated and sharp-tongued boxer since Muhammad Ali, you never know what rhythmic response you’ll get out of the undefeated champ. theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent Smith caught up with him while supporting all the talents of the night, but he made it clear who he was rooting for personally, Ricki Brazil Clothing Line.

I’m here to support everybody but of course Ricki Brazil. A childhood friend of mine, we always knew the name Ricki Brazil was huge, actually that use to be my alias. But Ricki Brazil’s one of my best friends and I’m happy what him and his staff is doing with the clothing line

Of course had to ask about his spending habits. He was rumored to have dished out up a rumored $100k on strippers

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels