[INTERVIEW] Toya Bush-Harris Talks ‘Married to Medicine’ Reunion, Blow-Up With Dr. Simone

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It’s officially a wrap for season 2 of reality show, Married to Medicine. This season, has proven to filled with tumultuous friendships, light-weight marital issues, intertwined with entertainment. Shortly after the two part episode aired, we chatted exclusively with cast member Toya Bush-Harris. This season, she’s had more than her share of challenges and a bit of triumphs. Check out our conversation.

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theJasmineBRAND.com: What’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learned this season about yourself?

Toya Bush Harris: I’ve learned that no matter what others think of me and how much they try to belittle me, it’s NOT about me. It takes a lot of internal dysfunction and unhappiness to constantly pick at somebody and bring them down. So if someone is continuously trying to bring me down, it’s because they’re miserable and they are CRAVING company down where they are. So I can’t take it personal, because they’re abuse or misuse of me is simply a cry for help. So no longer will I let the words, thoughts, or opinions of others on Married to Medicine, social media, or people in my day to day life, weigh me down and make me doubt who I KNOW I am.

theJasmineBRAND.com: Do you believe that you were accurately portrayed this season?