[EXCLUSIVE] EBONY Magazine Hit With $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit, Over Kendrick Johnson Death Articles

Kendrick Johnson

Kendrick Johnson

Then on April 9th 2014, Rosen then reinvented his verison of events in a published article claiming that the murder was done due to a jealous rage after the brothers learned that KJ has sex with his girlfriend.

The parents explain that the autopsy done by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation ruled that KJ’s death was the result of accidental positional asphyxia after he became trapped in a standing gym mat while trying to retrieve a pair of tennis shoes in the old gym.

The lawsuit says that “the statements in the K Articles that K” was “murdered” by “blunt force trauma“, and “the implication that his murder was covered up in a conspiracy involving RICK BELL and his family” are without any basis of fact and false. They explain that video surveillance and witnesses have shown their sons were not even near the gym — with one in route to a wrestling match at another school and the other in class.

The family is suing the magazine and the writer for slander and libel and demanding $5 million dollars. Read the exclusive court documents. Read the Exclusive Court Documents.

[Editor’s Note: We’ve done some additional digging about the articles mentioned in the lawsuit. Most referenced in the suite been removed from EBONY’s site.]
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