[VIDEO] Columbus Short Blames TMZ For Destroying Families

columbus short-blames tmz for destroying families-the jasmine brand

As of late, the drama seems to follow actor Columbus Short. This week, the ex-Scandal star visited Dish Nation, discussing the negative press surrounding him over the past year. Surprisingly, the 32-year-old actor says that he believes TMZ has been unjustly attacking him. In fact, he blames the site for destroying families:

My character has been assassinated, unjustly. I feel like, Harvey Levin got the proverbial hard on for me or something because he was attacking me for no reason. What I found out, you know how it goes, these stories get money… TMZ is making all that money, but it’s blood money to me. I really believe it, because you’re destroying people’s families.


After being jailed in Feb. for allegedly beating his estranged wife, Tanee McCall, TMZ ran a slew of stories about Short’s legal woes and personal problems with McCall.