[VIDEO] Faith Evans Talks Lil Kim Throwing Shade, Son’s Sexuality & Crackhead Rumors

Faith Evans Talks Lil Kim Throwing Shade-Son s Sexuality and Crackhead Rumors-the jasmine brand

Faith Evans has taken her talents to NYC, promoting her upcoming album “Incomparable”. This week, she stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, having a very transparent conversation addressing rumors (reports that her son CJ is gay and vintage allegations of her being a crack head), Lil Kim (she has no beef with her, but recalled an incident when the rapper acted as if she didn’t know who Faith was) and her involvement with R&B Divas (she shares that she never had plans to be on the show).

Check out a few of our favorite excerpts.

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If she still produces R&B Divas:

Me and Nicci Gilbert are creators and executive producers…We don’t have any creative input on what you see though — but the credit and the check though.

If she enjoyed her experience on R&B Divas:

It was okay. I actually relented because I was never supposed to be a cast member…I just wanted to help my friend and help us get our show…But to sell the show, of course…they asked me to be a part of it because it was a name that people were more familiar with….That was never my plan because I’m just not like that…I knew they wasn’t going to come in my house…all that stuff…It was cool, but I really don’t like being away from my house and kids for like an extended period…so that part of it made it a little difficult….

Faith Evans-the breakfast Club-the jasmine brand

If she’s ever tired of being connected to B.I.G.:

Oh no…BIG was a HUGE part of my life — besides the whole being artists thing…He was my first true love. I think it was a blessing to even know him….There was a time earlier in my career that seemed to overshadow my actual talent but I mean that’s nothing something I ever had to argue about…

Her relationship status:

I’m actually divorced…I was married 14 years. I’ve been divorced for about three years…

If it bothers her when she hears Lil Kim and BIG stories: