[EXCLUSIVE] Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Denies Owing Jas Prince $4 Million Over Drake


On October 10th, Lil Wayne’s record label fired back at Jas Prince’s legal battle.

CM claims that the original deal they made when they signed Drake stated that they were to pay Aspire Music Group the percentages of the rappers profits NOT Jas Prince or his music company.

Further, they explain they owe Jas Prince nothing legally because they never entered into a contract with him over Drake’s earnings. They claim that Jas Prince and Aspire are already involved in a separate legal battle over the deal and Cash Money says this lawsuit is only another attempt by Jas to collect on the money he believes he is owed.


Cash Money explains that they pay the royalties to Aspire and per their deal they determine how they want the money paid out specifically and they refuse to breach their contract with Aspire to accommodate Jas Prince. They are demanding the lawsuit be dismissed and Jas be awarded NOTHING.

We’ve reached out to Cash Money. Thus far, no response.

Read the EXCLUSIVE Court Docs

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