K.Michelle Wants to End Feud With Tamar Braxton: I just really want you to leave me alone.

Singer KMichelle-Wants to End Feud With Tamar Braxton-the jasmine brand

It’s a new day for singer K.Michelle. These days, the outspoken soulful singer is more interested in her art and less in public beef with other celebrities. In an interview with Necole Bitchie, the former Love & Hip Hop cast member shared that she’d like to end her public and private feud with singer Tamar Braxton. She explains how she believes their belief began:

The root of that situation is I just remember loving her [and] liking her on TV- this was before [I was on] Love and Hip Hop and I went to her page one day and she was following me. And I was like ‘Oh ok, I love her.’ You know just somebody I could rock with.

And when I was going through the whole situation on Love and Hip Hop with the Toya (Wright) thing and all of that type-thing, she hopped in it like everyone else did. She hopped in it and basically tweeted I was lying. And I said, “I like Toni better any way.” That’s just me. And it continued. But from now on, it’s so funny how I’m the ‘bully,’ but if you, Necole, look at every fight, I never started it with her. I finished it. That I did.

She continues:

I don’t want to fight with her. I bought her album. I even reached out. She, for some reason, wants to