Countess Vaughn On Being Ostracized On ‘227’, Having An Abortion At 16

Countess Vaughn On Being Ostracized On 227, Having An Abortion At 16-the jasmine brand

Actress Countess Vaughn is opening up about two unpleasant situations that she experienced while growing up in Hollywood. During this week’s episode of Hollywood Divas, she shares during a therapy session that she felt ostracized as a child actor working on the set of 227. She later went into detail, writing on TV One:

Countess Vaughn 227-the jasmine brand

Being a child on the set, I was bored running, through the hallways and I heard a conversation I shouldn’t have heard. I kept that conversation in the back of my mind, like “is that what people really think at the end of the day.” Especially at that age, it was traumatic. To have someone smile in your face and later . . . especially being an elder who had those views of me. But I kept it to myself.

She says that she’s not a victim and is moving forward from the experience: