Viral Sensation Brendan Jordan Visits Queen Latifah Show [VIDEO]

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Chances are, if you’re an Instagram or Vine junkie you’ve watched a clip of a student named Brendan Jordan. The Las Vegas native received his recent claim to fame on live local newscast at a mall opening. Long story short, Brendan stole the spotlight with his fierce looks as he served face, literally for viewers during the broadcast. See the clip.

Overnight, the video became viral. Turns out, he was channeling his inner Lady Gaga and the video ended up going viral.

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This week, he shared his story on the Queen Latifah Show telling her that it was all just a coincidence.

i-Viral Sensation Brendan Jordan Visits Queen Latifah Show

It just happened. I am always like that,. I am always “on.” Before the cameras were rolling they were playing music in the background and it helped me get started. When I saw that camera was on I just went into MY mode. I am a huge Lady Gaga fan. I was actually channeling my inner superstar.

Check out his appearance, along with Queen Latifah’s surprise on the next page.