Wendy Williams Talks Leaving Radio, Producing Aaliyah Movie [VIDEO]

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Talk show host Wendy Williams returns to her home away from home — radio. After three years of leaving radio and hitting the air on television, Wendy is making her rounds on the radio circuit. This week, she visited Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood. The ‘How You Doin” daytime host chatted about her new TV movie biography on the late artist Aaliyah. She also opened up about why she decided to leave radio and pursue TV full time. Check out a few excerpts.

Big Boy: I see you every day and it seems like things are going extremely well for Wendy Williams. But you know you’ve been working too though Wendy, nothings come without putting those hours in. Congratulations on the show, what season are we in now?

Wendy Williams: Season six and thank you for inviting me here.

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Big Boy: Do you ever walk into radio station and just think I’m glad I’m not in there anymore?

Wendy Williams: Most of the time and it has nothing to do with the personalities. It has more to do with management and the cookie cutter building with ten radio stations. The time and temperature and the 20 songs in a hour. Radio was my first love and I have the utmost respect for it but it’s nice being on TV. I think it was a natural progression to my career. I didn’t know how long the show would be on and honestly six years and renewed through 2017 into 2018.

Big Boy: Seems like the show is getting such great legs and it’s one of those must watch and people know it now.

Wendy Williams: Well you know awareness is very important and certainly it takes many years to become a household awareness appointed TV and I think now people know what they get when they turn on Wendy. First of all, some people now know exactly who I am. Of course there’s still more growth to do but they know they’re going to get hot topics. They know they’re going to get the honesty in ‘Ask Wendy’. They know they’re going to get a celebrity guest, not all the time, ’cause this season we have all hot topic Monday’s. We do have a guest, that guest is going to be a real live Hot Topic.

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Big Boy: Let me tell you what I also love about you Wendy on your show, it doesn’t matter who’s on that day. I love how you incorporate the audience, its real natural.

Wendy Williams: Those are my co-hosts. But that’s how people talk to one another when you’re comfortable. You’re sitting at the kitchen table and you’re fidgeting with your hair or digging a piece of breakfast from the back of your teeth but I do that like I’m doing Hot Topics. I always brush my teeth before I come out, however, there’s always a seed in the back of my damn mouth. I’m not going to wait until commercials, I feel comfortable doing that in front of Wendy watchers.

Big Boy: Now there’s other branches to the tree now that has Wendy Williams brand and stamp on it.

Wendy Williams: Well when I first got the talk show and my manager, who I happen to sleep with, we said “lets concentrate on building this talk show.” So I immediately left the radio. I had to, I could’ve gotten two checks. It could’ve been all Wendy all day, from radio to TV. But it wouldn’t be fair to me, physically, it wouldn’t be fair to my husband, and it wouldn’t be fair to my son who is 14 now. I would like to produce TV, I don’t want to star in it, I just want to produce it. We’ve done a few projects, I had something on the TV guide when I was on Broadway last summer, I produced a show called ‘Secret Celebrity’ , which is on Oxygen. I participated in things, but the most recent thing that I’m producing is this Aaliyah movie. I was not originally on board with this movie. If Lifetime is