Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama Taqoya Branscomb Wants Beyonce To Meet Her New Sister [VIDEO]

Mathew Knowles' Baby Mama Taqoya Branscomb-Wants Daughter to Meet Beyonce-the jasmine brand

The mother of Mathew Knowles’ youngest child, Taqoya Branscomb is breaking her silence, granting an interview with Inside Edition. Earlier this year, Taqoya shocked the public with news claiming that her four-year-old daughter Koi is the result of an affair with Mathew Knowles, who is the father and ex-manager of Beyonce. [Mathew previously underwent a DNA test to prove paternity and the results came out 99.998% positive in favour of him being the child’s father.]

Mathew Knowles' Baby Mama Taqoya Branscomb-Shocked At Pregnancy-the jasmine brand

During the interview, the former lingerie model shares photos of the alleged daughter that she had with Mathew. She also shares that Koi already has a passion for singing and dancing.

Taqoya told Inside Edition, that she initially was shocked to learn she was pregnant:

He’d had a vasectomy. Or at least that was what I was told.

She then displayed the results of the paternity test, which was court ordered in her suit.