Michelle Williams Talks Judgmental Christians: Some Clubs Are More Welcoming Then Churches!

Deitrick Haddon: This is the misconception, people think because there is an anointing on your life it automatically gives you integrity and character and all that—your character has to be developed. People have to learn how to separate the call from the man. The call never leaves you because you have a humanistic moment, or you fall, or you make a mistake. The call is on your life. So I had the responsibility to show people that once you fall, you get back up. Because it’s easy to tell people that you’re going to make it, when you’re on the mountain top…I was very deliberate in sharing my testimony and my journey back on season one.

Renada Romain TV: What’s worse judgment from other Christians or the world?

Michelle Williams: I think judgment from other Christians because it seems like it the “world” as churchy people call it have more compassion. We’d be welcomed into the club before a certain church. I have people say I won’t play your music because you were in Destiny’s Child.

Deitrick Haddon: It’s not right and it’s very self-righteous. People don’t have compassions for others until they go through their stuff.

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What do you think about politics in the church?

Deitrick Haddon: Absolutely. I know we separate the church and state now but you always had great men in the bible that were kings and they reigned so they made decisions about politics back then.

Michelle Williams: I also feel like what better way when you have everyone assembled (don’t influence who I should vote for) but bring people in so we can kind of know their [stance]. We need to educate on politics, we need to educate on health, we need to educate on sexuality where you have the most ears and eyes and influence.

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels