Hollywood Exes’ Andrea Kelly On Reality TV: You act a fool, they’re going to film a fool.

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Andrea Kelly, star of VH1’s “Hollywood Exes,” doesn’t plan on falling back from the spotlight anytime soon. A businesswoman and mother, Kelly finally has the chance to be in the spotlight after years of standing behind her famous ex-husband, R.Kelly.  In an interview with Everything Girls Love, Kelly doesn’t discuss her short-lived marriage to Brian McKee, but she does open up about her growth and changes since joining the reality TV realm.

…I think now in hindsight, that was such a blessing because I came out to the world with a blank canvas and it allowed me to paint any colors I wanted to on that canvas, unlike some women who’ve already been in the tabloids. So for me it was my introduction to the world and I think people got to know Drea by knowing just Drea, no outside sources.

Even though reality shows seem to get a bad reputation, Kelly believes that the show only helped the reality world realm.

I believe that Hollywood Exes has set the standard so high and we were able to raise the bar. I’m a firm believer in you act a fool, they’re going to film a fool.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta