Michelle Williams Talks Judgmental Christians: Some Clubs Are More Welcoming Then Churches!

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Michelle Williams and Deitrick Haddon take us to church today. On the promotional run for Preachers of L.A. and Fix My Choir, the two stopped by Renada Romain TV on Sirius XM and to preach the word. Not really, but they do address common misconceptions about the church and everyone else. If you ever felt like a preacher shouldn’t drive a Bentley, they address it, want politics in the church or not, they address it, or who is more judgement towards christians, Williams and Haddon address it. Check out their interview below.

Renada Romain TV: Season two you have structured the show differently?

Deitrick Haddon: I think the trailer is what had everyone in an uproar. But we put the right bait on the hook to get ya’ll to come and watch and once y’all started watching we showed you this was going to be something deeper than that.

Michelle Williams: Should ministers not drive foreign cars and nice cars?

Deitrick Haddon: I think people have a problem when you’re driving a Bentley and there’s a leak in the ceiling.

Michelle Williams: Your car is bigger than your sanctuary. If things seem balanced, because my thing is, everybody has something they like because I love shoes. After you take the title preacher off of the man, he’s just a man that likes things…So how come they can’t have their hobbies and things that they love?

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Renada Romain TV: Deitrick, you showed us that just because you are a Christian or a preacher, it doesn’t mean you are holy—how did you find your way?

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels