(EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW) Married to Medicine’s Lisa Nicole Cloud Spills Details On Rumored Fight With Quad Webb-Lunceford: You don’t mess with my husband!

In reality TV world, throwing water is acceptable behavior,  you just can not put your hands on someone. You see it all the time. You look at the Beverly Hills trailers, a glass of water is thrown so for the scene, that may have maybe made it a little more dramatic. But was I ever expecting anyone to put their hands on me? Absolutely not.

Being transparent last season, about her husband being unfaithful before their marriage:

…Yeah, we’ve had some challenges; infidelity before we got married. We were very open about that…We never said we had a perfect marriage. However, we’re gonna share the truth. He has not cheated in marriage. He does not have any illegitimate kids out there. That’s a lie…My marriage is something that I’m very protective of.

If there’s a chance that she and Quad can apologize and move forward: 

I will apologize to Quad for throwing the water in her face. And that is to the extent of what I did, which is throw the water. I think that, I own my part of that…It was a decision that happened, maybe bad judgement in that regard….I didn’t do the other things that she’s suggesting….I know, personally, I did not cut her. I definitely did not do that…But that is the way she’s portraying it because she likes drama….I think she just lives for that attention….It’s low, low to attack someone’s family with lies.

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