Sour Splitsville! Tasha Smith Says Estranged Husband Accuses Her of Being A Lesbian + More Messy Details

Tasha Smith-Husband Keith Douglas Allegedly Files Restraining Order-the jasmine brand

As expected, things are getting UBER ugly between actress Tasha Smith and her husband, Keith Douglas. As previously reported, the two are in the midst of separating, but are still living in the same home.

At this point, neither have spoken publicly about the reason for their split, but both seem to have similar accusations.

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The Why Did I Get Married? actress says in legal documents that she is fearful of her life. In fact, she says that her estranged hubby is very jealous and has accused her of sleeping with other women. Reportedly, he’s flown into angry rages, calling her a ‘f*ck*ng d*k*’. She says,