Chief Keef, Faizon Love Jump to Bill Cosby’s Defense: You house n*gg*s jump on the bandwagon!

Faizon Love-Defends Bill Cosby-the jasmine brand

Actor Faizon Love has some harsh words for those pre-judging Bill Cosby. As you know, the legendary comedian has been accused of sexual assault. While some of the public and press have been quick to believe these claims, Faizon is livid that he is being convicted by the media. He recently took to his Twitter, unleashing a tirade of profanity-filled Tweets, expressing his frustration. He writes:

you sorry porch monkey deserve everything you get…you gonna stand up for this b*tch and and not a man like Mr. Cosby, everytime one of these funky b*tches Say rape you house n*ggas jump on the bandwagon, you mamas and daddys been rapped for 400 years …you monkey n*ggas are so funny ….next time one of