Kim Kardashian Announces Kanye’s Rumored Gospel Album “Jesus Is King”

Kim Kardashian Drops A Subtle Hint On Kanye’s Projected “Jesus Is King” in September

Beauty mogul, Kim Kardashian teased possible new music alert from husband, Kanye West on Thursday. In the photo Kim revealed, on a yellow notepad written in black ink, a list of 12 songs that seemly resemble Kanye’s “Sunday Service” music. The title of this list of song says,

“Jesus Is King”

It’s followed by a track list of the 12 songs including a track the super producer debuted earlier this year during a “Sunday Service,” show at Coachella. Among the titles are “Clade,” “Garden,” “God Is,” “Baptized,” “Sunday” and “Sweet Jesus.” The unconfirmed track list ends with a possible release date in September.

“September 27th.” 

Last year, Kanye proposed his next project, ‘Yandi,’ a religion-themed album which Kim has teased in the past. The original release date was set for September 2018, but was delayed. Back in October, Kim announced Kanye’s project, was set for a new release the following month on Black Friday. Kim wrote,

“Nov 23 Black Friday, YANDHI. TRUST ME it is worth the wait.”

Unfortunately, the album never dropped and no word if the album is an updated version of Yandhi. The mythical album was shelved with no sign of receiving a new release date from the G.O.O.D. music founder.

As previously reported, Kanye recently took his Sunday church service from a dessert to an actual church. He and his team pulled up at gospel singer Erica Campbell and her husband, Warryn Campbell’s church, California Worship Center Sunday. The service featured an outdoor moment with a drumline.

Check out a video below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette