Officer Darren Wilson On Mike Brown Shooting: I know I did my job right. [VIDEO]

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Officer Darren Wilson, is speaking out publicly for the first time. The Ferguson, Missouri officer shares his account of the moment he shot and killed black teenager Michael Brown. In an interview with ABC News he says that Brown refused to listen to his instructions to stop running and began to charge him:

I started backpedaling, ‘cause he’s just getting too close and he’s not stopping.

He continues:

After I fired the second round of shots, he gets about eight to 10 feet [away]. And as he does that, he kinda starts to lean forward like he’s gonna tackle me. And eight to 10 feet is close and what I saw was his head. If he’s gonna tackle me, he’s gonna tackle me at that point. And I looked down my barrel of my gun and I fired.

Officer Darren Wilson-Fatal Mike Brown Shooting-the jasmine brand

As previously reported, the tragic incident took place on Aug. 9 and has drawn national attention. Here’s what Officer Wilson says what happened. He says he was driving to get lunch when he encountered Brown and a friend walking in the middle of the street, “single-file on the double-yellow line.” At that point, he tells the pair to get out of the street and get on the sidewalk.

Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, ignored Wilson. He says:

And then Michael Brown came next and he had to exchange some explicit words with me. He had said, “F***