Omarion Comes Clean About His Circumcision: I Used to Be Apart of the Turtleneck Club


Between the fighting, relationship issues and baby mother drama, there is rarely a happy storyline in any of Mona Scott  Young’s productions. However with her first season of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, the love between Omarion and his longtime girlfriend, Apryl Jones, is the silver lining. We were first introduced to the couple when she was very pregnant and we watched them prepare for their at-home child birth. Outside of the mother and girlfriend beef, there were no real issues between the two.

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Most recently our favorite storyline surprised the world, as we all watched Omarion get circumcised during an episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. A surprise to most viewers because it seems to be a no brainer that most men have already snipped their extra covering when they are a baby, but not Omarion. However, after the birth of his son and pressures from his lady, he decided was going to go through with it.

On promotion for his new album, ‘Sex Playlist’ he stopped by Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning with Rosenberg and Laura Stylez where Ebro started the early morning conversation off on the bold topic. First O was reluctant to talk about it, despite the millions of at-home viewers already knowing, but once Ebro revealed he has to yet to snip his extra skin away, the new father had no issues talking about his recent removal.

On recently getting circumcised:

I am not apart of that club anymore. I used to be apart of the turtle neck club—My pop’s had his when he was like 16.

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Whether he got it for Apryl or himself:

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels