[INTERVIEW] Charlamagne The God Shares One Question He Didn’t Ask Kanye West, Compares to Wendy Williams’ Big Radio Moment With Whitney Houston

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Charlamagne Tha God, Jasmine BRAND

Over the weekend, Kanye West blasted popular radio/TV personality Charlamagne the God, over a controversial interview done on Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’. He told concert-goers

If I go to a radio interview, shut the f-ck up!

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, Charlamagne reflects on the controversial Kanye West interview, sharing the one question he forgot to ask the self-proclaimed creative genius.

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He explained:

There was some follow up stuff as far as when he talks about fashion and wanting to be a high end fashion designer. He is so talented and he is such a genius, musically, that a lot of times, people that are so talented have a feeling of entitlement and that sense of entitlement makes them feel like they don’t have to go through the process that

everybody else has to go through. No matter how genius you are, there is still a process to get where you want to go. He hasn’t even created a successful urban line. He hasn’t created a Sean John, or a Rockawear, or anything so what makes you think you have the resume to break into fashion the way you think you do? That is the only thing I wish I would have said to him to see what his answer was with that. I am a fan at the end of the day; I am a fan of hip-hop, I am a fan of the culture. I am a fan of not just hip-hop but the culture of anything: music, television. I am a fan and I am a consumer. As a consumer who grew up listening to Kanye West and going to Kanye West concerts, I wanted to know what happened to our guy. As a fan, I was just having a conversation.

The hype surrounding that interview has been buzzed in the hip-hop and pop culture since it aired.

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Charlamagne compares this monumental radio moment that Wendy Williams and Whitney Houston had years before her death. He said:

That was my Whitney-Wendy moment. In radio, there are certain things. When Wendy interviewed Whitney, her career went to a different plateau and I see the change around me since that interview. Things like being in the New York Times and of course Rolling Stone. The good thing about what I have been doing and what we have been doing with the Breakfast Club is that people that have been following Charlamagne for a long time know that is who Charlamagne is. It is just that everyone else is catching up. Sometimes it takes those moments, like a Kanye West, for everybody to catch up. God is great.

Check out the clip!

Check back Monday for the full interview. P.S. For you youngins, who weren’t around when Wendy was on radio, here’s the infamous audio interview of Wendy and Whitney.

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