Ex Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams Admits To Rebounding After Divorce With Eric Williams

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If you’re a fan of Basketball Wives, you’re familiar with the story line involving Jennifer Williams and her ex-hubby, NBA baller, Eric Williams. Jennifer, who is no longer on the VH1 show, spent her last season on the show ending her relationship, in front of the camera. And while we won’t be seeing her on the new season, she has been in the press as of late. In addition to continuing her Lucid line, all seems to be well in the love department.

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Rumor has it, she’s now dating Cisco Rosado. And from the looks of things, she’s in a good place romantically, even dishing a few relationship tips of her own. Over the weekend, she opened up about her love life and confessed that initially she used a rebound, to try and recover from a broken heart. Check out her blog post below.

Hey Lucid Lovers! So someone asked me to write about love. Whoa! I thought to myself, this is going to be interesting! LOL! Anyway, I got to thinking about my love life and the journey it has taken me on.  This advice I am going to blog about might be right for you, but it might be wrong for you. All I can do is be honest and hope it helps or at minimum you take something away from it.

When I first started going through my divorce, my initial reaction was I need to date someone.  That rebound guy, someone to distract me from my real feelings.  When I got that, I realized it was a temporary fulfillment. What I really needed was to heal my soul and my heart so I could genuinely be open to honestly and whole-heartedly truly loving again.

Love can be the must amazing feeling in the world and the most hurtful as well. It truly is a funny thing! I feel the key to finding love is to be happy with you first. Make sure you are at a place in your life where you are content and your heart is open to love.  Love requires work and compromise.  I also feel like when you least expect it, love will knock you over.  Focus on yourself; work, family, friends and whatever else makes you happy and when God feels you are ready he will bring you the perfect companion.

Trust is a huge component of making a relationship work. It is vital not to bring your past experiences of a bad relationship into your present relationship.  Everyone deserves a fair chance until they do something to make you give them the side eye.  Ladies, you know what that means without me going into detail.

Talk, talk and more talk!  Communication is key to a thriving, loving, healthy relationship. Nowadays everyone gets caught up in texting. A relationship cannot survive when a “new message” alert is your lifeline. Pick up the phone and listen to each other’s voice. You cannot feel true emotion through a text and things can be taken out of context. Even when you are in a long distance relationship try and find time to Skype or Face time if your mate is not in the country.  I am an advocate for long distance relationships. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and when you see the person you don’t take them for granted.

The important thing about love is to be honest and keep it fresh.  Don’t fall into a routine.  Surprises are always nice and they let your mate know they are appreciated maybe a love letter, a bubble bath or some home-baked cookies.  Just a little something to put a smile on their face!

And ladies remember how you got him is how you keep him! So with the flowers soon blooming, I hope you all SPRING in love..

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa

Love and Lucid kisses,


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