Brandy Developing New TV Show, Hesitant About Doing Reality [VIDEO]

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So just where has Brandy Norwood been these days? In addition to wrapping up BET’s The Game, turns out most of her time is in the studio. In a recent interview with The Brandy Blog, Brandy opens up about how she’s not allowing outside influencers to dictate when album number seven is released. While not specifically discussing her split this year with fiance Ryan Press, she does give some insight on her current stance about love. And for those who want more of Brandy on TV, she’s cooking up a new venture that involves her and comedy. Check out a few excerpts.

Vaughn: So you changed your Instagram bio again to “Divine Timing.”

Brandy: Well its there to kind of represent the fact that when my album is ready- when it’s right, that’s when it’s gon’ come. Because I’m tired of people telling me when my stuff is supposed to come out.

Vaughn: So now its all or nothing?

Brandy: Right. No half a–ing in any part of life.

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Vaughn: So Tamar definitely has reverence to you, and it’s no secret that she loves you and loves your voice and your lyrics and everything. Do you ever foresee a duet with Tamar?

Brandy: Um, yes. I can see it. ‘Tamar, you can’t be singing that high on the track wit the duets. It can’t appear like there’s any upstaging going on.’ No but you know what though, Tamar’s voice is so special. I was watching her on YouTube sing Rihanna’s song “Diamonds.” And there is a part where she goes, [demonstrates how Tamar sang it]It was crazy! I was like- whaaat? I rewound it so many times. She is a really incredible vocalist and I would love to work with her. I would love to work with Toni Braxton. I’d love to work with FantasiaJennifer Hudson, yes, that’s another one I’d have to have a conversation with, haha.

Vaughn: Have you listened to her new album?

Brandy: Not yet. I’m just out of the loop being up here. Ooh I’d love to do a duet with Jhene Aiko. She’s amazing.

Vaughn: So you’ve been in the studio, and I’m sure that gets exciting.

Brandy: I’m going in the studio this week and I’m excited!

Vaughn: What about Maxwell, Essence Festival?

Brandy: Maxwell, where you at? Wassup? I’m ready.

Vaughn: Tank?

Brandy: Tank. Yes.

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Vaughn: Over this past year,what have you learned that love is to you?

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