Singer Mila J Comes Clean About Her Insane Ab Game

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If you’re wondering how Mila J has those abs, turns out its more than genetics. In a recent interview with Fit With Fallon, the LA-bred recording artist spills the beans on how she’s able to stay crop-top ready. She shares:

Ok here’s one trick honestly, if you always wear a crop top it makes you kind of stay in shape right because your always showing it your going to think twice before your about to pig out, you get what Im saying? That actually helps. Like, ok wait a minute. Even though I love food… love junk food, everything. Soda is my big thing too. I shouldn’t drink as much as I do, but I do. I just think it’s because I dance so much and those rehearsals are long, just helps me keep it off so to speak, but yeah I workout with my trainer, I shoot for 3 to 4 times a week.

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And if you’re wondering what type of music gets the older sister to Jhene Aiko pumped for the gym — the more ratchet, the better: