Last Season of LHHNY for Erica Mena as She Talks Marriage & Pre-Nup to Bow Wow [VIDEO]

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Erica Mena has returned for another season of Love and Hip Hop of NY and she’s bringing the drama that gets the ratings with her. However, as we will watch her relationship play out with Cyn Santana on TV we’ll also learn about her engagement to Bow Wow as well—all for reality TV. This week, she stopped by Ebro in the Morning and discussed the realness of her relationships and new beef with Chrissy Monroe. Check out excerpts from her interview below.

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Are we going to see Bow Wow on the show?

Erica Mena: No. Where I’m at right now and the commitment that we’re making is more important than that— I think you get to that point. I’ve always been open about my life. I’ve even gone as far to write a book about my life, going as far back to my upbringing. I’ve opened myself up to the world. For the first time I really want to keep something to myself. And I want to keep it to myself because this is going to be for the rest of my life. I have to build this foundation properly.

This is the real deal?

Erica Mena:We’ve been friends since 2006, we’ve just never been romantically [together].

Has it been more than a year?

Erica Mena:You figure, we’ve been shooting for about a year.

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What the hell happened between you and Cyn Santana?

Erica Mena:A lot happened between us. She’s young and it’s hard to be in this world and have your friends have their opinion, the outside…it can really get to somebody, I think that’s what really happened.

You’re still going to make us believe this relationship was a real thing.

Erica Mena:Oh yeah. I think when you see how it plays out, it’s really intense—For me, I love so hard, when I was in that relationship, I was in that relationship. So when we started to break up I noticed it was from outside play.

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What’s up with you and Chrissy Monroe?

Erica Mena:She was basically casted if you ask me, to come at me—no one has ever done this before so it was a smart move for VH1. They thought they had someone to battle me. This is an old stripper from years ago. I know of her, she was a friend of Fat Joe’s wife, that’s how I met her…

So you guys really don’t have a relationship?

Erica Mena: No, that’s why when she came on and did this whole she’s claiming she pimped me it was kind of funny. First I was blown away like, “who was this” and what really drove me over the edge was the first scene when she started saying things over my son. Of course they won’t air so that’s when you see her get all shook up.

She claims that she pimped you. We’re you ever escorting or anything like that?

Erica Mena:Do you know my son’s father would wax…no. I wrote a book about my life openly, even down to my sexual experience. So I have a book about my life and a sex book, there’s nothing that I hadn’t told the world. And trust me if I ever had to go that route—I would own up to it.

erica mena

How does [Bow Wow] deal with your past?

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels