Round 2 – DJ Funkmaster Flex Criticizes Jay Z : You’re a corporate rapper that drops a catch phrase every 3 months! [AUDIO]

DJ Funkmaster Flex-Blasts Jay Z-the jasmine brand

DJ Funkmaster Flex’s issues with Jay Z (click here for part 1) are far from over. So much so, that the popular New York radio personality hopped on Hot 97 for a second time, telling listeners what beef he has with HOV. He begins by giving Jay Z props, stating:

This guy is Brooklyn’s own…has built so many great brands, so many great artists, great music, great events…I don’t wanna never put something the wrong way and twist history…Yeah, I’ve been there for him and he’s been there for me….I wanna use the word ‘was’. A mutual respect….In his craft, I respect so much….And you know what? A lot of records he shouted me on, so I can say he respects my craft as well, as a DJ….So, I wanna be specific, as where it came to be an issue…

He goes onto explain that he feels that Jay’s Life & Time’s web site interviewed him with the sole intention of picking his brain about his new app. Flex also notes that it is bothersome that when he plays at the 40/40 club, they always complain when he plays Dipset music.

dj funk flex-blasts jay z-the jasmine brand

Flex says that what pissed him off even more about the situation is a text message that he received from Jay Z.

So my phone is getting called private…Whenever he does call, it’s private. Then he texts me