NBA Baller Dwyane Wade Fined for Middle Finger, After Fans Taunt Him About Wife Gabrielle Union

it, but everyone has their breaking point.

According to Wade, a number of fans were saying things about his wife, actress Gabrielle Union. He says that the comments got progressively worse as the night went along. He lost his cool, approaching the group with the middle finger raised on one of his hands.

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Apparently, Wade’s children weren’t sympathetic to Wade losing his temper during the game. He’s shared that the next day, his kids took away his phones and TV rights:

House rules, for disrespecting the family name.

Wade says comments about him don’t bother him, but its when fans talk about his family that it becomes bothersome:

You can talk about me all day. I really don’t care what you say about me because I know at the end of the day when I walk off that court most of those guys would see me in the back hallway and want to shake my hand. When it gets too personal about your family, that’s too far. But it’s not going to stop.

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