Awkward Much? Master P Politely Checks Charlamagne The God: It’s about respect. [VIDEO]

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Things got a tad bit awkward between Master P (real name Percy Miller) and radio/TV personality Charlamagne The God. Today, the music mogul visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and things got a bit uncomfortable when the outspoken Charlamagne made a sexual comment about P’s former artist, Mercedes. Master P quickly interjected, telling Charlamagne:

Man, hold up. Don’t talk about Mercedes like that. She ain’t family but still though, with all of my people, you know how I am. But we good, man. You know how we get down.

Charlamagne in turn apologizes and tries to continue the interview, but to no avail. Master P interjects:

Nah, let’s go back to this dog. Let’s respect, cuz I’m not gonna talk about your sister, yo mama, nothing like that…You know what I’m saying? That’s the first thing cuz I know you