Michelle Williams Serves A Dose of Fan Etiquette: Asking a celebrity for an autograph in the bathroom is off limits! [VIDEO]

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Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams has given fans a dose of etiquette, during her recent conversation with Music Choice’s “The F Word”, a documentary style series that offers a 15 minute peak into the lives of celebs and what it really means to be famous. While the singer/TV personality is appreciative of the blessings that celebrity bring her, there are moments when she wishes fans would be a bit more considerate.

For example, Williams says no PSA tweets, announcing a celebrities whereabouts:

I was in my hometown in Rockford [Illinois] the other day, just going to go pick up some pizza. And a young lady was like ‘Oh my God! I’m ’bout to tweet right now that you’re here!’ – No you might not want to do that because I might just want to get some pizza. And it’s things like that that I’m still getting used to.

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Williams also jokes that approaching your favorite celeb in a bathroom is a no-no.

Please don’t try to shake my hand after we’ve used the bathroom and to get a autograph.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta