Mike Epps Is Praying For Bobbi Kristina: It’s tough to lose a mother. [VIDEO]

The comedian goes on to discuss some of the challenges that he faces with being in entertainment. From traveling and sacrificing time with his family, he compares it to selling your freedom.

They don’t know it’s hard work. You don’t get no sleep. You gotta deal with people constantly. People you don’t want to deal with. People you do. People are always pulling and tugging at you and that’s why I think entertainers get paid the big bucks because you really, really sell your freedom.

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How does it feel to be playing an icon like Richard Pryor? Epps responded,

It’s scary. It’s really, really like a healthy fear. You know, because I am stepping into some big shoes and embarking on somebody that was really, really an icon, a legend. Somebody who really separated comedy from real life and had tragedies. Everything that Richard Pryor talked about is going on now like police brutality. I mean… man, I’m just excited to get an opportunity to play this guy and I’m gonna work hard to try to deliver it.

Peep the clips below.

Mike Epps on Bobbi Kristina tragedy


Mike Epps on Richard Pryor movie with Oprah

Also, Epps revealed that director/producer Lee Daniels is now behind the film with Oprah Winfrey and Taraji P. Henson is joining the cast. The film is said to be released early next year. [Foxie 105]

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