[INTERVIEW] BET’s Stephen G. Hill Talks Empire: “I am more jealous of ‘Empire'”

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He then redirected his stan-ship for the fan favorite show to show his 100% support for the lead stars.

I think Taraji is spectacular in this. I think Terrence Howard is fantastic. I think Lee Daniels and the rest of the people found some new people to put in this role. I think it’s fantastic and the fact that its increased its viewership every week for six week on network television is unheard of.

Uptown Pre-Oscar Gala Honoring Lee Daniels

He also talked specifically about Lee Daniels and how he continues to push the envelope with expanding people’s thought process of show series.

He’s been expanding people’s minds what people accept in theater and television for a very long time. I love that it’s come to television. I love that there’s some portrayals on television that we’ve never seen before. Especially for network television, we’ve seen it on cable but no one’s ever had the audacity or make this for network television. I think it’s fantastic I think it’s great for the industry, it’s great for unknown actors and actresses. Everybody wants to have Empire Jr., I think it’s really fantastic.

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Authored by: Sharifa Daniels