Brandy Talks Broadway Debut & Engagement Break-Up: We grew in different directions. [VIDEO]

Brandy Norwood

Brandy Norwood

This week, Broadway star Brandy Norwood, stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and talked about her Chicago debut and her dating life. Brandy described her Broadway debut,

Oh my gosh, I felt so crazy. It was overwhelming and exciting. I had never felt nerves like that in my life before. I realized you cannot get ahead of yourself, you have to stay in the moment. It was such a beautiful experience. My life has completely changed.

Brandy added,

I work out everyday. It’s so great for me mentally and I’m just having the time of my life.

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When asked if there were any special men in Brandy’s life, she explained,

Oh I don’t, I can’t be messing around with no men. I have to stay focused darling. I have to keep my mind set on what I’m doing. I have a dream!

The last time Brandy was on the show she was engaged and explained the breakup to Wendy,

It was not a good time for me, and it was not a good time for her (daughter, Sy’rai). We were a family, when something like that happens it doesn’t feel good.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta