Diddy is NOT ready for a marriage, but will commit to a ‘love contract’ + Defends Iggy Azalea: You can’t be excluded because of your color. [VIDEO]

Andy Cohen, Diddy

Andy Cohen, Diddy

Diddy also talks about his thoughts on Empire; defends Jay’s TIDAL streaming service; folk being overly critical of Iggy Azalea and Kanye West shading Beck to support Beyonce. Peep a few excerpts.

His thoughts about Empire: 

It’s a plagirism a little bit (laughs). No, but Lee Daniels is a friend of mine. I don’t think it has any connection like that. I think it’s a bunch of people’s lives of the music industry.

Kanye West overly defending Beyonce:

I don’t like it. I feel like you hafta be real and tell the truth. When he did the Beck thing he was really sorry…Sometimes artists they’re very, very vocal…If you want to just go to his house and tell him.

Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal: I think the criticism is unfair. When you’re started a company — it just takes time. They were jumping on my man like a week later.

His opinion of the criticism surrounding Iggy Azalea in the hip hop community:

I’m not overly critical because I came from being a producer. Just taking the criticism myself …I feel like no matter where you’re from or what your color that everybody is tryna do their best. You can’t be excluded because of your color.

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