[Interview] EXCLUSIVE: Malaysia Pargo on Her Relationship Status “You’re Either Going to Think I’m Broke or Loveless”

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Three season ago, Malaysia Pargo was a newbie to the reality show circuit but she’s quickly turned herself into a household name. While enjoying the BET Experience this past weekend, theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent caught up with her. Looking cute and donning head-turning glasses, we chatted a bit about her experience on Basketball Wives. Unable to let us know if she’ll be returning for more mayhem next season (she’s rumored to have her own spin-off, Malaysia In the City), we were able to get a tad bit of tea.

See the clip.

If you had to lose the ability to cry or laugh, what would you choose?

Probably cry. I love to laugh, I’m a goofy girl. I probably would die if I couldn’t laugh so yeah, cry.

Did you enjoy Basketball Wives? Is it an experience you’ll continue to do?

I definitely enjoyed it, it was a learning experience for me in my life. I learned a lot about my self, more than I bargained for. I can’t tell you if I’ll continue or not but I enjoyed it.

Do you keep in contact with the people from the cast?

Certain people I keep in contact with. The ones that were important and meaningful in my life, I do keep close to me. There’s only a select few I keep in contact with.

You’ve been quiet on your relationship status. Is there anything you’d would like to share or kill a rumor?

Nope, because the thing about me you’re either going to think I’m broke or loveless. None of your business.


Authored by: Sharifa Daniels