(EXCLUSIVE) Man Suing Jay Z Over ‘Big Pimpin’, Wants Rapper Sanctioned For 100K

Last November, docs were filed by Fahmy in which he claims that the rapper is refusing to hand over financial documents regarding how much he made per concert in which he performed “Big Pimpin”.

The man accused Jay of not handing over the information in an attempt to ruin his ability to put together his case for the trial and demanded he be sanctioned monetarily for his behavior in the case.

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At the time, the federal court judge came back and sided with Fahmy. The judge ordered Jay Z and Timbaland to hand over all financial records of the money they made per concert performance where “Big Pimpin” was performed.

Further, the court ordered the rappers to hand over all license agreements where they allowed others to use “Big Pimpin” to be sampled from 1998-2001.

Then on May 21st, Fahmy filed docs demanding Jay Z and his lawyer be slapped with a 100K sanction for playing dirty legal games in the case. He explains that the judge ordered the rapper to hand over all documents pertaining to his income from concerts where “Big Pimpin” was performed. However, Fahmy says that he has only received documents that are almost completely redacted with no information about the concert income.

He says the documents were uploaded to a website by Jay Z’s lawyers but the docs couldn’t be saved or printed — therefore making it impossible to look over the information. His lawyer asked Jay’s legal team to correct the issue and they refused.

Fahmy says that Jay Z should be found in civil contempt for refusing to follow the judge’s order. He is demanding the rapper pay 100k fine along with 1k a day until he hands over the documents he was ordered to deliver.

Jay Z filed docs days later blasting Fahmy, claiming he provided all the documents and the redacted portions are highly confidential terms of his deal with Live Nation. He says he followed the judge’s order and is demanding he not be sanctioned 100K. The judge has yet to make a decision on the matter.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta