Rosie Perez Recalls She Thought She Was A Lesbian In Middle School: All I wanted to do was hump her.

Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez

Inquiring minds want to know, have you ever considered a same-sex relationship? Chances are, if you answered ‘yes’, you’re not alone. In a recent to attendees at the TrevorLIVE event, Rosie Perez revealed that at one point, she dabbled in the lady pool.

The View co-host, who married her husband Eric Haze earlier this year, spoke to at the event, hosted by national LGBT youth organization The Trevor Project.

Stressing how important it is for teens to openly discuss their sexuality, she states:

Every human being, whether they want to admit it or not, went through a period of questioning. I know I did.

She also revealed that while in middle-school, she had a relationship with a girl:

All I wanted to do was hump her. And I suppressed the urge and suppressed the urge and suppressed the urge until Michelle one day started humping on me.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta