Emily B Reveals She Thought She’d Die During Labor: I shredded my cervix, lost over 45% of my blood.

Emily B

Emily B

It’s been less than 30 days (two weeks to be exact) and Emily B’s figure is almost back to her pre-pregnancy weight. This month, the stylist (and former Love & Hip Hop NY cast member) and rapper Fabolous welcomed their second son together, Jonas.

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Emily posted a photo of her new figure (see above), but was questioned by some at how she was able to bounce back so fast. In a separate post, Emily revealed that she had an extremely tough pregnancy. She also notes that she had an extremely difficult labor. Read her personal story below.

I really enjoyed being pregnant but what you didn’t know was that I suffered from horrible nausea and I lost weight during pregnancy. I was in labor for 16 hours and wouldnt dilate past 9cm.. I pushed & pushed and shredded up my cervix. My sons heart rate dropped and his head was stuck in the birth canal so I had to get a emergency c-section– which by then my epidural had wore off so I had to get a local spinal which numbed my esophagus! I felt like I was going to DIE! I couldn’t feel myself breathing or catch my breath- I had a panic attack and had to be sedated .. I lost over 45% of my blood and had to get a blood


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