Bridget Kelly On Leaving Roc Nation, New EP & Her Latest Break-Up [VIDEO]

Bridget Kelly

Bridget Kelly

Singer-songwriter Bridget Kelly recently stopped by New York’s Power 105 to catch up with The Breakfast Club about her new music, relationships, and her recent departure from Jay Z’s Roc Nation label. Kelly said she’d pretty much outgrown the Roc and took some time to find her footing as an independent artist,

I was on the label for six years. It was an incredible experience but we reached a plateau.

She says there’s no bad blood with anyone at the label and that they just, “weren’t on the same page” nor did they “have the same vision.”

She also mentioned how she switched up her management team because they,

didn’t see eye to eye on what the next step was supposed to be.

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Basically, Kelly decided to take full control of her career and went independent, which she says gave her more:

I’ve made more money and more connections and gained more confidence and all of that in the last 10 months than I had in six years.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta