Malaysia Pargo Gives Advice For Dating Celebrities: ‘Keep in contact with yourself.’

Advice to young women dating athletes or celebrities:

It’s going to sound very weird when you read this: “Keep in contact with yourself,” but you got to make a daily plan to keep in contact with yourself to find out who you are, what you are, where you want to be. Keep contact with your dreams. Keep God first so that he can keep you good on your journey. Because in the lifestyle that they lead, they meet different people. You get different energies. You’re moving so fast. You have so much money. You kind of forget what you are when you’re cleaved into a marriage or just a couple. You become one. You take on a lot of things that he wants to do, his dreams, his aspirations, and his goals. You kind of leave yourself behind. I would say my best advice is to keep in contact with where you want to go and whom you want to be so that you won’t forget.


How life has changed since “Basketball Wives L.A.” first aired:

Just the facial recognition: it kind of changed me as far as like when I really am having a bad day I just kind of stay inside. I’m already a homebody as it is, but now I feel like I’m more of a homebody. Other than that, I feel like maybe just the opportunity to tell my story and just to reach out to people I wouldn’t normally reach out to [around] the world. It’s great for me. God said that if you can at least tell one person your testimony and they can learn from it and help then you’re helping me. I feel like that’s a sense of greatness for me. It’s therapeutic to share it as far as healing. But, at least someone else can see that I’m going through this stressful time and I’m making it out. Hopefully, they can have the strength to make it out, as well.

If there is loyalty between friends when it comes to reality TV:

In my case, yes. Like I said, I’ve been on reality TV with two of my really great friends. We make sure that we stay loyal to each other to a fault. No matter what it is, we have each other’s backs. We love each other and we will do everything that we do outside the TV on the TV. We don’t play it up for you guys. We make sure that we’re 100 with each other. So, therefore, if we like keep it how we would keep it off the camera, it will be completely authentic. We don’t have to lie or answer questions later on for something . . . It’s just completely authentic. For me, I think loyalty is everything.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams