Morgan & India Westbrook On Instagram Fame, Kardashian Comparisons & India’s Embarrassing Photo With The Game [VIDEO]

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India Love, Crystal, Morgan, Brooke and Bree Westbrook are the are the modern internet celebrities. The attractive Compton-bred sisters went from social media models to reality TV stars, snagging their own BET reality show, #TheWestBrooks. Named by some as the first family of social media, the sisters are continuing to grow their brand and make a name for themselves. This week, two of the five, India and Morgan, visited Big Boy, discussing how they used social media to become celebrities; their reaction to critics; being compared to the Kardashian’s, as well as the very controversial photo of India and rapper The Game. Peep a few excerpts.

On how they went from social media to television: 

India: We kind of worked towards that. We kind of made that our goal, [it] was to [like] brand ourselves on social media so that we could branch
out and go on television. So we made that our goal.

The best part of being on TV is and being recognized:

India: Us being a voice for our generation is really important to me.

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On dealing with haters: 

Morgan: At the end of the day, we came to a conclusion as a family. Like look, whatever they have to say is not making us no money so it really doesn’t matter.

How they feel about being compared to the Kardashian’s: 

Morgan: The comparison is to me, is bitter sweet because of the level that their on. Yeah, we want to definitely get there. But our family values are totally different. So we separate ourselves, we’re from the hood.


Authored by: TJB Writer