(Exclusive) Damon Dash Settles Legal Battle w/ Company Who Accused Mogul of Being a Terror

Damon Dash

Damon Dash

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Damon Dash has settled a legal battle with a film company who accused the mogul of screwing them out of thousands and being a horror to work with — with both parties dismissing all claims against each other, per a confidential settlement they reached in the case.

Dash filed suit against a woman named Dana Offenbach and Cinemastreet Pictures in NY Court earlier this year.

Damon Dash

Damon Dash

The music mogul stated he is a successful entrepreneur who has worked in making films for decades. Back in 2014, he began production on a new film entitled “Mixed Nutz.” He said that one of his trusted producers was not available for the shoot but referred him to Dana and her company Cinemastreet. He stated he hired them to help produce his film and despite never having met they exchanged numerous emails and phone calls.

Dash said their job was to create a budget for the film and manage the day to day activities. He explains they came to an agreed upon budget of 35k for the film, which included all costs to film and the fee for the company to do their job.

Further, he claimed the company was to retain the hard drives for the footage shot. The hard drives were to be returned to Dash following the production to be edited and make the final cut.

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Dash stated he wanted the film to be released in early 2015. However, he said Dana and her company refused to hand back the footage when he asked them. He claimed that Dana refused due to her claiming she was owed money from Dash for a separate project she voluntarily began working on.

Dash demanded the return of his footage and a order stating he owes the woman nothing for her work on the separate project, along with damages for the money lost for not releasing his film.

Cinemastreet Pictures responded saying the music mogul showed himself to be vindictive and unscrupulous over the time they have worked together. They admitted they have his footage and wouldn’t return it.

Kanye West, Rick Ross

Kanye West, Rick Ross

The company blasted Dash’s claim they volunteered to work on his separate project,  saying “as if CSP is a charity” and said Dash really believed the chance to work with him is payment enough.

Cinemastreet said they would not be bullied by Dash and regretted ever having signed on to work with him. They also stated that they  have never experienced such a horror in their 20 years in the business. They filed a counter-suit against Dash for the 8k+ they claim he owes them for their work.

Then on December 28th, documents were filed in the case stating that Dash and Cinemastreet Pictures reached a settlement in the matter. The deal says that both are dismissing all claims against each other and have settled the lawsuit completely. The case was closed the same day.

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Authored by: TJB Writer