(EXCLUSIVE) Nicki Minaj Accused of Firing Lawyer To Delay Lawsuit

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Nicki Minaj is accused of playing dirty legal games in the $236k lawsuit over a Las Vegas club appearance. The company suing her is accusing her of attempting to drag out the case for over a year and firing her lawyer in an attempt to avoid being grilled during a deposition.

Here’s the latest: This week, Fantastic Entertainment’s lawyer wrote a letter to the judge accusing Nicki of attempting to avoid being deposed in the case for over 9 months.

He says that the pop star’s lawyer emailed him explaining Nicki had fired him and therefore her deposition cannot proceed as scheduled, despite it being scheduled to take place at her Los Angeles home this week.

The lawyer explains they have been trying to get Nicki to sit down for a depo for over nine months and only recently was provided with available dates for it to go down. However, he calls into doubt the “firing” of her lawyer and says he believes it’s the ultimate delay tactic to drag this case out even longer, with it already having been a year since the complaint was filed.

He says he has spent a substantial amount of time preparing to depose Nicki and grill her about the allegations in the lawsuit. Both him and his client rearranged their scheduled to attend the depo in Los Angeles and purchased non-refundable travel arrangements. The lawyer explains – despite Nicki’s alleged attempt to stall the case – he will be showing up at the pop star’s home regardless and if she doesn’t show he’ll take the necessary action with the court.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Here’s the backstory: A Nevada company named Fantastic Entertainment Enterprises filed suit against Nicki Minaj’s company Pink Personality, for ruining a Vegas club appearance.

The suit explained an appearance agreement was signed by Nicki to show up and perform at Chateau Night Club in the Paris Hotel on May 2nd, directly following Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Pacquiao.

Per the deal, Nicki was to arrive at the club at midnight, and she would remain at the club for at least an hour and perform 2 songs. The company agreed to pay the rap queen a total of $236k for her appearance and also cover her transportation and accommodation costs.

However, they said Nicki failed to follow the terms of the deal she signed. They claim she didn’t show up till 1:19am, stayed only for 34 minutes and refused to perform 2 songs at the club. They also accused her security guard of arriving to the club and disconnecting their equipment that was set up to film the event (not only Nicki’s appearance) and as a result they lost even more money.

Further, the company stated they had 5 VIP tables around Nicki’s and people were willing to pay 25k for a table, but since she didn’t stay or perform those tables went unsold.
The company sent Nicki’s team a letter in May demanding a refund of the money they paid her, but they have refused for months and have not paid back a dime.

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F.E.E. demanded the return of the $236k paid to Nicki along with damages for the money she caused them to lose.

Nicki fired back at the lawsuit and explained she never signed any contract with Fantastic Entertainment Enterprises, but rather with another company named Jam House Inc.

The pop star said she performed all the contractual obligations the night of the appearance. She admits she was paid $150k to show up for an hour and perform 2 songs, which she claims she did.

The singer accused the company of filing a copy of an altered contract with their lawsuit. Nicki explained that the agreement filed includes terms that she never approved or had knowledge of previously.

She added all terms of the contract were completed fully the night of her appearance and if there was anything she didn’t do it was due to unreasonable expectations, unforeseeable events or fraud.

Nicki demanded the entire lawsuit be thrown out.

Later, she filed a counter-suit against Jam House. She explains that while negotiating the deal for the club appearance, her people dealt with a middle man named Anthony Botter aka Blitz who owns and operates The Epitome Group.

She said that she signed the contract and sent it back to Epitome Group. However, she has learned there were 2 contracts drafted by the company and the 2nd one she didn’t see had provided for more compensation to be paid to her. Nicki never signed the 2nd agreement.

Nicki accused either Jam House or Epitome of keeping the extra money beyond the $150k. She filed suit demanding the judge not hold her liable for any judgement the club is awarded in their lawsuit, saying she didn’t do anything wrong and fulfilled all her duties on the contract. She is also seeking to have her attorney fees paid by the other parties.


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Authored by: Kellie Williams