Rapper Papoose Denies Cheating On Wife Remy Ma

Remy Ma, Papoose

Remy Ma, Papoose

Rapper Papoose has taken to social media, to address rumors that he’s cheated on his wife, Remy Ma. The rapper, who is featured with his wife on Love & Hip Hop NY, was responding to a story by Fameolous. See below:

In my next post I’m about to clarify this foolishness ????

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Papoose posted a lengthy response to the rumors below.

Thanx 2 my research team I was also able 2 find the identity of her REAL children who she boldly claimed I was the father of (c post above) What’s SAD is, from the looks of her daughters IG (@princess_d3st),u can clearly c her REAL dad (@8_life) is active n her life & her mom, @amillah_camillah aka @fellings_i_hurt_them Neenee Destiny Kasiem on FB) used her daughter’s real name in the post when she lied & said this was my child. I also found out that via her IG page she also posted a pic of a diff dude (9th pic from the top) who she says is the dad to her other child, the same child she alleged I was also the dad of in her post above. The address 2 her Facebook says she lives in Patterson, New Jersey.I’m writing this post 2 expose the lies of this person & 2 say 2 everybody within our culture :we have 2have better blog sites & media outlets. Please, go 2school, study journalism, learn how 2 check the credibility of a story before you release fake articles. Stop committing deformation of character simply 2gain attention, likes/followers. U r hurtin ya brand b4 it even gets off the ground. And 2people like @feelings_i_hurt_em don’t make up lies on a person just cuz they a celeb & u think u can hide behind social media because, truth be told, with all the technology of today WE CAN FIND YOU and more importantly: DO NOT involve your children! They’re innocent & a true gift from God; u will not be blessed.
I included all the social media handles of @feelings_i_hurt_em aka Mi Mi, the father of her children, and her daughter so u all can see the truth for yourselves. If u search & u can’t find her then she changed her name n another pathetic attempt 2hide. Movin forward I’ll never respond 2 stupidity such as this again I’m 2 busy being the loyal father &husband that I am but since this involved children & tried 2degrade me as a man I felt it needed 2b clarified even tho this foolish act was attempted, I still wish u & ya kids the best. I don’t know who sent u or paid u2 do this but I want u & future haters 2 know… IT WILL NEVER WORK!!! #BLACKLOVE IS INVINCIBLE?

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Remy Ma has yet to comment.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams