(EXCLUSIVE) Claudia Jordan Talks ‘The Next 15’: The drama makes me nervous! [VIDEO]

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan has returned to reality TV. Once known was known as a model for hit gameshow ‘Deal or No Deal‘, radio personality and more recently on BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, she’s a cast member of TV One’s ‘The Next 15.’ theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent @smithworldwide recently dished on the new show, drama with the cast and what’s next for her. Peep the excerpts below.

The Next 15 Cast & Executive Producer Carlos King

The Next 15 Cast & Executive Producer Carlos King

On how she feels about the airing of The Next 15

I get anxiety every time a show is about to come out.

On why she tries to stay out of the drama:

You don’t want to ruin a progressing brand.

Claudia Jordan

Claudia Jordan

On the drama on the show:

There were some catty moments and I… out the gate I’m trying to disarm it and stop it, but peace, you can’t make peace yourself, but you kind of need two people to make a peace treaty. You know what I mean? Some folks — the camera sometimes stops forward progress and making out with something you know or squashing something that didn’t need to go on that long.

Because people got to turn up, especially if you haven’t worked in a long time you know, shade. You know you’re going to have to do all you can do to make sure you don’t go another six years without being on television.

On what’s next for her: 

I’ve been getting offered a lot of roles. I’ve booked a I worked on a couple shows for Bounce TV last week. My bag line called Claudia Jordan Made in Italy and I have a drink coming out called Shot Pack.

Check out the video for more on Claudia’s interview.

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