(EXCLUSIVE) Reggie Bush Blasted By St. Louis Rams Over Injury Lawsuit

Reggie Bush, Photo: Instagram

Reggie Bush, Photo: Instagram

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, NFL star Reggie Bush is being blasted by the St. Louis Rams – who he filed suit against for damages over a season-ending injury he suffered at their stadium – saying the entire case is nonsense and are demanding it be thrown out.

Back in January, Bush filed suit against St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority and the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission – who operate the Edward Jones Dome – along with the St. Louis Rams accusing them of ruining his NFL season and costing him future wages due to the injuries he incurred at the stadium.

Bush explained he has had a successful football career in college all the way to his NFL career. He was playing for the 49ers in their game against the Rams on November 1st at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis and states that  “At that time, the turf playing field at the Dome was surrounded by a slippery concrete surface, now known by many as the “concrete ring of death”.

During the first quarter of the game Bush ran out of bounds while returning a punt and due to his momentum carrying him from the turf to the concrete surface, he slipped on the concrete and injured his left knee — which resulted in his season ending.

The NFL star pointed out that other players have been injured at the stadium too. He blamed the companies for failing to maintain a safe environment for the players. Bush claimed the injury cost him wages, medical expenses, loss of future earnings and pain and suffering.


Bush filed suit for negligence, premises liability demanding an unspecified amount in damages. Both companies behind the convention center recently headed to court saying Bush was solely responsible for his injuries and said the suit needed to be dismissed.

Then on March 25th, the St. Louis Rams headed to court to blast Bush’s lawsuit, explaining that Bush’s suit seeks to bypass the collective bargaining agreement between his union – the NFL players association and the National Football League which governs the terms of Bush’s employment. They say the CPA is very clear about parties responsibilities to monitor and protect players safety during a game and specifically states a player cannot sue but must go to arbitration, which is a private legal proceedings decided by one person. The team says Bush is fully aware that he couldn’t file the lawsuit instead of going to arbitration with them.

Further, they say Bush has provided no proof that they owed him any duty to protect him from injury.

The St. Louis Rams are demanding the entire case be thrown out due to Bush blowing off the CPA terms and want the judge to award him nothing in this suit.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams