(EXCLUSIVE) Jay Z Accused of Stealing Music

Jay Z, Alisa Apps

Jay Z, Alisa Apps

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Jay-Z is accused of being involved in a high level music theft conspiracy with the rapper turned mogul allegedly stealing a track from a demo given to him and handing it off to record label execs for the purpose of creating a hit song for an artist on their roster, without ever paying the songwriter a dime or getting her permission to sample the track.

Alisa Apps

Alisa Apps

A professional singer, songwriter and musician named Alisa Apps filed a federal lawsuit against Universal Music Group, Island Records and singer John Newman.

Apps explains she has performed her music all over the country and is the original author of the 2004 song entitled, “Need to Know” , which she had copyrighted a couple years later. The musician uploaded the song to YouTube in 2008 and made it available for sale online.

She points out that she has performed at private parties for Gigi Hadid’s dad Mohamed along with countless other shows. She has also been covered by MTV, Billboard, Glamour Magazine and graced the cover of OC Live magazine.

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The musician claims she met with Jay-Z back in 2009 at The Sports Club/LA and the two had a long conversation which ended with her giving him a copy of her song to listen to for his consideration and to engage in a potential business relationship.

Then in January 2010, she met with the rapper again at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy celebration. She then handed Jay-Z another copy of her song.

Alisa Apps

Alisa Apps

She says that the rapper runs Roc Nation which is under the Universal Music umbrella. Apps believes that Jay-Z handed over the copy of her track to execs at Universal Music, who then handed it over to singer John Newman, who released a song entitled ‘Love Me Again’.

The musician says Newman’s song made him a household name and she was screwed over by Jay-Z and UMG by not getting her permission to sample her track nor have they paid her for the work.

Apps filed suit against UMG and Island Records demanding damages for the copyright infringement along with all profits made by the label and Newton for the hit song along with attorney fees.

Here’s the video for John Newman’s ‘Love Me Again’:

Fast forward to the 1:33 mark, to listen to Alisa App’s ‘Need to Know’:

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