(EXCLUSIVE) Duane Martin Blamed For Woman’s Severe Injuries

Duane Martin

Duane Martin

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Duane Martin is accused of being so negligent in maintaining his office building that a woman was severely injured during an elevator accident and the woman says he is solely to blame for incident. Now the insurance co. who paid $24k+ to the woman, has headed to bankruptcy court demanding the actor not have the debt wiped clean in his Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Here’s the latest: On August 2nd, the insurance company filed docs in the bankruptcy case demanding the $24k+ lien they slapped Duane with over the money they paid Shan not be discharged in the bankruptcy and want the actor to have to pay up regardless of the outcome of his bankruptcy. The judge has yet to make a decision but a hearing has been scheduled for later this month.

Here’s the backstory: A woman named Annmarie Shah filed suit in 2013 against Duane and his office building for negligence due to injuries she incurred after an elevator malfunctioned and caused her to suffer injuries.

Back in 2011, the woman entered into the office building where Duane works and walked into the elevator. She says it malfunctioned and did not work properly in that before the doors closed the elevator fell, jerked and otherwise moved up and down and without warning causing her to fall and suffer serious injuries.

She blames Duane for being negligent and says he should have been aware that the elevator was broken and presented a dangerous condition to people coming into the building. The woman claims the actor was warned the elevator needed over $90k in repairs and said the building was even cited for violation by the Department of Building and Safety.

Further, she says the elevator had been wonky for months and the Fire Department even had to come out and rescue people inside at one point. Shah filed suit demanding damages for the loss of earning, emotional distress and her medical bills

The woman was paid $24,288.52 by Liberty Mutual Insurance due to her being injured during the course of her employment, since she was working when she was injured in Duane’s elevator.

Duane blasted the lawsuit saying the elevators do malfunction from time to time but they were serviced regularly. He also accused the woman of having pre-existing medical conditions and said the elevator incident is not what caused her injuries.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams