(EXCLUSIVE) Toni Braxton Hit With Tax Lien, Only 2 Years After Recovering From Multi Million Dollar Bankruptcy

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Toni Braxton is back in hot water with her finances. This time, the legendary singer is being accused of refusing to pay up $125k in back state taxes, only two years after a judge discharged her massive $10 million+ debt in her 2nd bankruptcy case.

According to official records filed in California, the state filed a tax lien against the singer and Braxton Family Values reality star on August 17th in Los Angeles. The lien accuses Toni of failing to pay $124,316 in taxes.

The State of California will begin seizing her assets and property if the singer doesn’t settle the debt ASAP.

Back in 2014, a Federal Court judge granted Toni a discharge of her massive debt in her 2nd bankruptcy after the case dragged on for over 5 years. Toni had racked up over $10 million in debt without many assets.

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton

Toni explained that she had to file for bankruptcy a second time due to the millions of dollars in debt related to her health problems that forced her to cancel a series of Las Vegas concerts. She filed her first bankruptcy back in 1996, following an unsuccessful legal battle with her record label.

The majority of the singer’s creditors were screwed in the bankruptcy with the trustee presiding over her case paying out most the money he earned by selling off her royalties, cars, jewelry, music income and paintings to the IRS to settle her massive unpaid tax bill.


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Authored by: Kellie Williams