Amber Rose Will NOT Be Stripper Shamed: I loved being on the pole & money falling on my body. [VIDEO]

Amber Rose Will NOT Be Stripper Shamed - Amber Rose

Amber Rose

Amber Rose will not be stripper shamed

Over the years, the talk show host has shared her feminist point of view, calling out society’s double standards. On a teaser of an upcoming episode of her talk show, she expresses how she enjoyed being an exotic dancer and how father’s aren’t judged as harshly as mothers. She shares,

There are a lot of fathers out there that are doing a lot of crazy things and no one ever says anything.

Amber Rose adds,

I was a stripper for a long time. It was the best f*cking time of my life. I loved dancing, I loved being up on the pole. I loved the money just falling on my body. It was just so much fun.

Amber continues,

I don’t go and talk to children obviously and say, ‘Hey be a stripper like me and you’ll get a talk show‘. I wasn’t a mom during that time but sh*t, if I didn’t have this and I had Sebastian I’d be right on that pole making that f*cking money and doing what I got to do to take care of my baby. You gotta do what you gotta do.

See the clip.


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Authored by: Kellie Williams